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The Youth Empowerment Project, Inc. (YEP) after school entreprenuership & leadership program operates Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri - 3:00 pm - 6 pm which is designed for middle school and high school students. YEP's mission is to expose, equip, and empower youth and young adults through career exploration, professional development and internships.

Career Exploration - We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for students to be exposed to various careers. We have ventured into video games design, architecture, financial investment companies, printing, sports training, 



Vocational Training - We allow students to experience real world application in video production, graphic design, social media management, web development, music production and expanding to give students valuable skills.


Leadership Development - We provide training for students emotional, personal and professional well being to develop well rounded students that practice self care and powerful leaders.



Internship - We provide students with paid and unpaid inernships teach them how to operate in a real world work environment while learning how to meet deadlines. 


Voice Yourself- We provide outlets for students to let their voice be heard as we discuss topics that they face every day and gain insight from their perspective to allow outlets to find solutions, gain understanding and hear their voice.



Summer Camps - YEP runs two summer camps each year to enrich the lives of students. One is a camp in Branson Missouri where students get physical fitness in sports such as football, golf, archery, basketball, soccer. Student also gain enrichment in personal and emotional development. The second camp is in our headquarters in Orlando, FL where students gain the full YEP experience during 8 weeks of training, learning, application and completion of real world projects.

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